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Snooty[nb 1] villagers are female characters in the Animal Crossing series. They are called snooty villagers because, in earlier games, they often act prideful and dismissive towards the player. However, in newer games such as Animal Crossing: New Leaf and New Horizons, they are depicted as more mature and level-headed. They are usually portrayed wearing makeup and stylish clothing, as well as. Category:Snooty villagers is a list of articles about villagers who fall under the cranky header. Snooty refers to the character's personality and set of dialogue.For more information regarding snooty villagers as a whole, please see the main article.These femme fatales will often talk about their boyfriends, comment on your clothing, talk about Gracie, or give you questionable compliments Smug[nb 1][nb 2] is a male villager personality first introduced in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Smug villagers tend to be kind and polite, and get along well with other villagers. At first glance, however, smug villagers are vain, arrogant, and boastful, believing they are always right. Many smug villagers also lead elegant lifestyles, similar to snooty villagers

ACNL - All Villager Hit Dialogue Leaf Archives. so I took the liberty of compiling a video showing all the dialogue if you smack your town's villagers with a net or toy hammer several. I texture hack ACNL & ACHHD to create new villagers. Can't be shared but you can insert them into your game if you also hack. Posts; Strawbeary Villager! She's an Snooty or Uchi, not sure tbh. Not even sure if a name much less bday too. I'm open to suggestions. I based her off a plush I own and I loved this design I made I still love snooty villagers in New Leaf, but I agree with what everyone else has said. The snooty villagers weren't offensive to begin with, and now snooty villagers blend in with the normal villagers to me- the only real difference is that snooty villagers don't read as much! I disagree about cranky villagers, though

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This page displays all Kangaroo Villagers confirmed to appear in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). For a full list of all Kangaroo residents who can live on your island, please read on Female Normal Peppy Snooty Uchi Male Lazy Jock Cranky Smug Welcome Amiibo villagers only The following is a list of pictures of villagers' house exteriors in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The list is sorted by personality type, and within each personality type, sorted by alphabetical order. Feel free to search the page for a personalit

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Cranky villagers tend to seem bitter and they dislike pop culture. They have deep-voices, unlike the other villagers. Saying the wrong thing to them can make them angry. Cranky villagers usually go to sleep at 5:00AM and awaken at 10:00AM. They tend to get along with other cranky villagers and snooty villagers by makin How to Get Villager's Pictures on Animal Crossing. Villager's pictures are a pretty good item that you can get in all of the Animal Crossing games. They prove your friendship with a villager, can get you points in your Happy Room Academy.. Animal Crossing: New Horizons' Worst Villagers Each of the following villagers has received quite a bit of hate around the internet and on social media. Of course - like Pokémon, again - there's a good chance every villager is someone's favorite, but it's at least safe to say these characters are generally disliked by much of the Animal Crossing community Animal Crossing: New Horizons Switch (ACNH) all villagers list by birthdays, new villagers list, how to get villagers, personalities, & how many villagers you can have

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Snooty: Sleep- 3:00AM Wake up-9:00AM (Smug and Uchi not introduced until New Leaf) animal crossing new leaf acnl acnl blogging sleep sleep schedule uchi snooty smug peppy lazy normal jock cranky acnl guide city folk wild world population growing accf acww acpg acnl villagers ac villagers The problem with ACNL Villagers is the lack of unique dialog. Going through my town I talked to three animals of the same personality and they all said quite literally the same thing. In ACNL I've spent less time actually talking to villagers than in any other game. It'd be much nicer if they just had more to say #acnl #acnl blogging #acnl mayor #acnl uchi #acnl snooty #acnl jock #acnl pwp #acnl guide #acnl town. 369 notes. innocence4dayz. ok but. i love how snooty villagers sound. like sometimes while we're having a conversation, i just listen to their voice and it's just so soothing?? When a villager has a birthday, the villager will throw a party and expect you, the mayor, to drop in! This page tells you how to pick a good gift for your villager

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Villagers' Personalities. Personalities of the villagers are divided according to gender. For the male villagers, they have smug, jock, lazy, and cranky. Meanwhile, the female villagers are showing some personalities such as Uchi, normal, peppy, and snooty. The hobbies shared by the villagers are the combination of each personality type Mar 2, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Lyna Mari. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres Peppy villagers are female characters who are incessantly friendly and excitable, making them very quick to apologize for anything they regret doing, even if they had not done anything particularly wrong. They account their hyperactivity to candy consumption, although the link between sugar intake and energetic behavior is disproven. They speak with chipper, bouncy voices and enjoy cheering.

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Villagers can come in several different personality types. They include: Jocks, Uchi (Big Sister), Normal, Peppy, Lazy, Snooty, Cranky, and Smug.Certain types of villagers will always show up on. Aug 21, 2015 - Snooty villagers (オトナ Otona, or あたし Atashi) (sometimes called Snobby) are female characters in the Animal Crossing series. They are called snooty villagers because they act more mature and higher-class than other villagers. They are usually portrayed wearing makeup and high-end clothes that match their style, and thei There was a point that I had 5 Cranky villagers in my town, and every single day one of them would ping me asking to move. I had 0 Snooty villagers, and when I finally let one of the Cranky ones go, Baabara, the Snooty sheep came in. I then let another Cranky go, and I got a Lazy villager, Punchy, whereas I had 0 Lazy villagers prior to his.

New Leaf features 333 different villagers that can possibly move into your town. The game introduces the Deer and Hamster species, along with an additional 10 Animal Crossing: New Horizons - The Best Looking and Ugliest Villagers. Animal Crossing: New Horizons features over 400 villagers, most of them are cute and cuddly, but some are often regarded as. An Animal Crossing: New Leaf savegame editor. It lets you edit your town, items, villagers and more Island life is no fun without friends. There are over 400 would-be inhabitants ready and waiting to visit, including more than 20 special villagers who provide services, and 390-plus normal. AC Trades! actrades.tumblr.com TOUR BUDDIES----- All ACNL ACNL Items For Trade ACNL Items Search ACNL Villagers For Trade ACNL Villager Search ACNL Turnip Spikes ACNL Services ACNL Premium----- Free Cranky Jock Lazy Normal Peppy Smug Snooty Uchi. about. We're here to help ACNL and ACNH players get what they need in looking for purrl the.

If you have already gotten your first nine villagers and someone has moved out, read Section A.B instead. On the day that you expect a fenced plot to appear (the day after a new character has moved in (day their stuff is no longer in boxes) OR your second day as a mayor) DON'T start your game as the mayor/existing character Rosie always seems very excited and at times quite childish, she gets along well with many villagers but does not get on well with 'cranky' or 'snooty' villagers. Her house does not have a certain theme; she has a random assortment of different items that reflect her hyper personality, though from time to time she appears to want to obtain pink furniture Catchprases masterlist. These catchphrases for ACNL villagers were collected on tumblr, contributors can be found at the bottom of this post. Remember not to capitalise catchphrases or add punctuation marks as the game takes care of this, according to wherever the catchphrase will show up in a sentence I've confirmed that there are certain rumours villagers will mention only when nobody in town is planning on moving. Cranky: will say that rumours can be frightening. Jock: will ask to spread rumours about their latest world record, or complain that other villagers say that they are a prince from another planet. Normal: will comment that they will only spread rumours they have seen for.

Different villagers will have different views on things. They will focus on certain aspects of life, such as exercising. The personality of a villager greatly affects how they interact with others. There are Female and Male personalities. Snooty Animal Crossing New Horizons Villagers List. Lazy (Their interests are sitting around eating food and being lazy, they won't get along with Jock and Snooty Villagers because of this.) Smug (Smug villagers like to boast about themselves, they don't get along with Cranky and Uchi Villagers. Female: Uchi, Peppy, Snooty, Normal Of course, these are pretty broad personality types and within them, villagers will have different hobbies and interests that differentiate them from others. If you're wondering what in the heck uchi means, it's a Japanese word that means home but when it's used to describe a personality, the best English word that compares would be cliqueish

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  1. Hi Guys, I just wanted to know if the villagers go to sleep/wake up at the same time every single day, like in Animal Crossing Gamecube they had a set time they would wake up/go to sleep. Like Snooty Personality would go to bed at 2:00 AM then wake up at 9:00 AM
  2. Read this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Switch (ACNH) guide on rare villagers (characters) list. Including which villagers are rare, rare villager species, and more
  3. I am looking for the following villagers. I will pay at least 2 million bells for each. Blanche - snooty Daisy - normal Fauna - normal Felicity - peppy Flora - peppy Fuchsia - uchi Gayle - normal..
  4. Snooty; Bear villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons explained. There are 15 possible bear villagers, including the new villager Megan, that could move to your island in New Horizons, which are.
  5. Willow Female Snooty Sheep. Animal Crossing Villagers Animal Crossing Game Animal Crossing Coffee Animal Crossing Wild World Nintendo 3ds Nintendo Switch Acnl Amiibo Cards Acnl Villagers. Merengue. Merengue (パティ, Pati, Patty) is a normal rhino villager who first appeared in New Leaf

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The villagers in the Animal Crossing games are an important part of the gameplay.They add life and color to the otherwise quiet town, or in this case, island. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Acnl Whitney 14 Favorites. Isabelle Hug Pillow Cover (WITHOUT Pillow) Animal Crossing. Animal Crossing Uploaded by Baron O Beefdip Animal Crossing Uploaded by Baron O Beefdip Animal Crossing Uploaded by Bridget Uploaded Sep 02, 2013 at 11:13PM EDT. #this is the best day of my life #animal crossing #acpc #animal crossing pocket camp #whitney acnl #my girlfriend #one thousand Villagers are characters in the game that a player can interact with at each location and invite to their campsite.. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp refers to these characters as animals and is the only game in the franchise so far to not use villagers Animal Crossing New Horizon Custom Amiibo - Welcome Series (ACNH ACNL Villagers) Sign in to check out Check out as guest . Adding to your cart. The item you've selected was not added to your cart RV Series 42 Gonzo, RV Series 43 Sprocket, RV Series 44 Snooty, RV Series 45 Olive, RV Series 46 Dobie, RV Series 47 Buzz, RV Series 48 Cleo, RV. Here's a list of sleep/wake up times based on personality. This is their wake up times. Just in case you're ever sick of waiting: NEW LEAF Cranky/grumpy: sleep-4:00am wake up-10:00am Jock: Sleep-12:00am wake up-7:00am Normal: sleep-12:00am wake up-6:00am Lazy: sleep-11:00pm wake up- 9:00am Peppy: sleep- 2:30am wake up- 7:00am Smug: sleep-1:30am wake up-8:30am Snooty: sleep- 3:30am wake up.

We're here to help ACNL and ACNH players TOUR BUDDIES----- All ACNL ACNL Items For Trade ACNL Items Search ACNL Villagers For Trade ACNL Villager Search ACNL Turnip Spikes ACNL Services ACNL Premium----- Free Cranky Jock Lazy Normal Peppy Smug Snooty Uchi . about. We're here to help ACNL and ACNH players get what they need in-game! Please. Archive of original and custom villager homes in ACNL and ACNH, sorted by species, personality, flooring/wall, furniture series and room themes. Submit ACNH villager homes now! -> list of missing.. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art my favorite animal crossing villagers. big toe kk slider fanatic Follow 526 Hearts (in snooty // species: wolf WILLOW (★★) accf. favorites acnl acnl villagers acww animal crossing article. Posted to Gaming on January 30, 202

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Feb 15, 2017 - Explore toriburge5's board Animal Crossing on Pinterest. See more ideas about Animal crossing, New leaf, Acnl villagers For ACNL, many message boards facilitated in the trade of villagers who were moving out, so they could take up residence in your town. Those topics make it very easy to tell that villagers like.

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I'm making this blog for us to know each others dream/favorite villagers and be able to reserve/notify/look out for eachother for them. Bold indicates most wanteds. Cyrano Del Kabuki Rocco Rooney Static Vladimir Boone Flip Ribbot Rod Cranston Doc Marcel Stitches Tucker Zucker Bettina Caroline.. Animal Crossing: New Horizons Villagers That Secretly Hate You. Animal Crossing: New Horizons has tons of friendly and fun villagers, but there are also shady ones that always like to cause drama. Dec 26, 2017 - Don't look at me like that when I'm shopping! Even a fashion maven needs basic goods. ― Diana, New Leaf Diana (ナタリー Natarī, Natalie) is a snooty deer villager who appears in New Leaf. She's also the only snooty deer. Her name likely stems from Diana, the Roman goddess of the hunt, whose symbol was a deer. Her Spanis Villager(s) you're looking for: Wolfgang, Fang, Octavian, Apollo, Freya. Real life date your villager moves: She is in boxes now. Species/Personality: Snooty bunny. Additional info: I would like her out ASAP but if someone has any of the aforementioned villagers (especially the bolded) I am willing to wait a couple of days. Please let me know Please check at least two: ACNL, ACNL TRADE; Choose only one:-Items for trade: If you have items for trade.-Villagers for trade: If you have a villager for trade.-Katie: If Katie is in town.-Signatures: If you have a petition in need of signatures. -Premium: Allowing people to come to your town and advantage of your 'Re-Tail's' daily premium

Characters Introduced in Animal Forest and Animal Crossing. Animal Forest (どうぶつの森, Dōbutsu no Mori) was released for the Nintendo 64 in 2001 exclusively in Japan. An enhanced remake of the game for GameCube was released as Animal Forest+ in Japan, and as Animal Crossing worldwide. The games introduce many of the series' core recurring characters, notably businessman Tom Nook. KittyLune's ACNL blog. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that's what the app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wanna. KittyLune's ACNL blog. Hi there! This is kittylune.tumblr.com and this is where I will be reblogging all Animal Crossing: New Leaf stuff! Posts. I HAVE AVAILIBLE ON POWERSAVE THESE VILLAGERS FOR ADOPTION: -ANKHA (SNOOTY CAT) -BONES (LAZY DOG) -KID CAT (JOCK CAT) -LOLLY (NORMAL CAT) -OLAF (SMUG • acnl • acnl villager adopt • acnl villager exchange • acnl villager moving • acnl villagertrade • acnl trading • acnl town • acnl ankha • acnl bones • acnl kid cat. This page was last edited on 24 April 2020, at 12:37. Content is available under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted. Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors

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Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards Animal Crossing Villagers Animal Crossing Memes Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Acnl Villagers Nintendo 3ds Super Nintendo Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing Wild World Whitney This is about the snooty wolf villager Animal Crossing Custom Villagers. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wanna. Animal Crossing Custom Villagers I texture hack ACNL & ACHHD to create new villagers. Can't be shared but you can insert them into your game if you also hack. She's an Snooty or Uchi, not sure tbh Animal Crossing: New Horizons Personality Guide - Jock Villagers Jocks make up 55 total villagers, making them one of the largest groups of male villagers found in New Horizons.Including Jock villagers from previous games not in New Horizons, they are the most common villager type in the series.Players will always start their island with one Jock villager

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Day 7 - Draw your favourite Snooty Villager - Claudia K-ON! style. She and Gloria are the only snooty villagers I've ever had, but out of the list I think I like Blaire, Blanche, Diana, Friga, Pecan, Timbra and Willow the most We're here to help ACNL and ACNH players get what they need in-game! Please tag submissions appropriately and read the rules before submitting. Also check the FAQ and Blacklist before trading for more information. Tagged as acnh acnh trades acnh villagers for trade snooty submission newly started tow This depends entirely on whether or not you want the villager to stay around. Perhaps they're really friendly and you get along well, so you want them to stick around, or maybe their house is in the way and you don't like them anyway, so you'd rather see them go.. It's not necessarily a bad thing, unless you don't want them to leave, but telling them you don't want them to leave will pretty.

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When I originally got acnl, I thought I was cis and straight due to my own denial, and therefore didn't think much about LGBT* headcanons. Now I've come to terms with being gay and trans. During the phase I thought I was cishet, I shipped Ed x Winnie since they were both in my town, and I thought of them both as being straight because I didn't think otherwise 2120x3750px 453. The thing that all these Animal Crossing fashion account creators have in common is an interest in creativity and community first and foremost. whitney minersofc Hi, took a long time (sorry for that) but i finally have my sec town. Patricia town Emmen 4742-5568-5661, my sec town Patty (with star at begin and end of the name) town Drome fc: 4742-5568-5661. you probably noticed but i have to use the same 3ds because my other one doesnt work anymore From time to time, villagers might randomly send you either a Sweet, Peppy, Sisterly, and Snooty are the female @popey1980 There's just something about ACNL that keeps it from. Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards - Molly Amiibo - (ACNH ACNL Villagers) $13.99. Free shipping. Almost gone . Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards - Julian Amiibo - (ACNH Amiibo) $16.99. shipping RV Series 42 Gonzo, RV Series 43 Sprocket, RV Series 44 Snooty, RV Series 45 Olive, RV Series 46 Dobie, RV Series 47 Buzz, RV Series 48 Cleo, RV Series 49 Ike.

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New powersaved villagers!! Bruce the cranky deer. Kabuki the cranky cat. Hazel the uchi squirrel. Lolly the normal cat. These villagers are NOT available to adopt right now.I will make a post when I am hosting adoptions and then they will be available on the specified date and time Animal Crossing (2001) Animal Crossing: This is especially prominent in villagers that would be by definition of their types be rather snippy such as Snooty and Cranky villagers. Ugly Cute: If an animal isn't classically cute, it's ugly cute. It's a very cute game,.

Jan 17, 2017 - Tia (Animal Crossing Cards - Series 2) amiibo car 24 Mar 2016 - Explore rsrobstar's board Animal Crossing on Pinterest. See more ideas about Animal crossing, New leaf and Animal crossing wiki Bidoof Crossing. The above images show you the correct dimensions to create all four snow-people. In order from left to right: Snowtyke: To make the Snowtyke you have to push two very small snowballs together (if they're too large you'll create the Snowmam!). Depending on how well you created the other snowmen in your town (you must have all snowmen in your town to get a reward from the. Shop Villagers socks featuring designs by independent artists. Funny, cool, or just plain weird, yo.. Guide To: Hex Editing ACNL This will be an ongoing guide to changing things about your town directly in the hex code. I will continue under a Read More so that all re-blogs get the most up-to-date information

When you first start crafting your little slice of heaven in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you'll get two villagers to jump-start your community.You can forge amazing friendships with these two. With the Animal Crossing: New Horizons campsite, you can attract visitors, use Amiibo to get campers, and invite new villagers to live on your island

Villager you're trading: Ankha. Villager(s) you're looking for: Beau (or bells) Real life date your villager moves: 8/15 (today!) Species/Personality: Cat/Snooty See a list of all of the animal villagers in Animal Crossing: Wild World, with birthdays and favorite songs Animal Crossing: New Horizons amiibo and amiibo cards can be incredibly useful for a number of things during island life. If you're sitting on a wealth of Animal Crossing-themed amiibo and the. Current Villagers: made this a while ago!!! pair this with the straberry hat and u will reach peak strawberry. Jan.11.18 || 307 notes Tags: acnl, acnl qr, acnl design, achhd, acnl qr code, i probs coulda done some things differently but what matters is tht i loooove it,.

i post these villagers on tbt so if someone gets them before you i'm sorry. i give villagers 15 minutes before they are voided. add my fc before messaging and include your fc in your message: 0748-3679-9289; i will end when the adoption is over. please do not sell the villagers i give you otherwise you will be banned from adopting my villagers Personality. animal cat animal crossing animal crossing new leaf ankha acnl ankha animal crossing ankha pharaoh cute kawaii animal crossing cat snooty animal crossing series nintendo acnl acnl blogging acnl Friend code. Obtain popular villagers such as Marshal, Lolly, Diana, Merengue, Marina, Ankha, Coco and more through your campsite Unique Villagers designs on hard and soft cases and covers for iPhone SE, iPhone 11, iPhone XS, iPhone X, iPhone 8, & more. Snap, tough, & flex cases created by independent artists

flora // they/them // 21. mayor of fenyo, resident rep of paqosi. Town Flag. Native Frui Villagers (* are the ones I won't give away) Bob the Lazy Cat* Bunnie the Peppy Rabbit * Kabuki the Cranky Rabbit (gained from friend's friend's cycle town) Ankha the Snooty Cat * Chrissy the Peppy Rabbit. Muffy the Uchi Sheep. Goldie the Normal Dog. Fauna the Normal Deer

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This is an acnl help blog dedicated to helping you with anything that you could ever need helping with. From finding rare items or QR codes, to helping with organising your town to getting dream villagers. feel free to submit or drop us an ask if you have any questions, don't forget to read the submission rules first! If you want to see what tags we use, head to the helpful tags page #acnl #animal crossing #villager trade #submission. Trading Rosie and Merry the Cats! Looking For Villagers: Drago, Julian, Meringue Sometimes we receive your submissions late and it's unfortunate if you had villagers already leave when we post your submission! So, Leaving Today! will now be deemed as unacceptable for submissions. What kind of ACNL villager are you? Cicada7. 1. 15. How often do you play ACNL? Everyday. Every other day. Once a week. Occasionally. Rarely Log in or sign up. Show discussion 18 Popular Same author New More » What's your aesthetic? Are you someone's dream or nightmare? Are. Animal Crossing: New Villagers World is a fan-made mod by acnewvillagersworld for the GameCube version of Animal Crossing. It replaces all villagers with texture-edited ones (with new names), but leaves the NPCs and the islanders intact. Other than that, it plays basically the same as the original game. The modified ISO used to be available on MediaFire, but it was later taken down. As this. In New Horizons, Villagers are brought to a small deserted island courtesy of Tom Nook's Island Getaway Package. animal crossing new horizons acnh art illustration blathers tom nook mabel isabelle nintendo switch animal crossing new horizons villagers nintendo switch gaming video games drawing prints etsy merch gifts cute kawaii acnl 3ds new leaf ac. SharkbaitSekki is a fanfiction author that.

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acnl-justice. ℤ. zeldathemes. TPC I'm Mayor Justice. villagers in town. welcome to owlton. kuinfox: kuinfox: CosWho BDAY Sponsored Giveaway! Celebrates CosWho's 1st birthday with this giveaway~ This time there will be 7 winners. PRIZE: 3 winners will have one(1). Current Villagers: ASK ME SOMETHING ~ Theme by STJN 7 April 11:35 AM 1,939 notes. Source. Via. tinycartridge: Not sure what the Nooks did to piss off Isabelle ⊟ But whatever it was, it must have been serious. acnl-rosewood ~Rosewood~ 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that's what the app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wanna ~Rosewood~ This is my side blog :D feel free to Catchphrases for snooty villagers

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