Adult personals rape

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Going to a Cleveland Clinic location? Rape affects all ages, genders and sexual orientations. Rape can leave both physical and emotional scars. It is important to get counseling as soon as possible to avoid serious emotional complications. Rape is a form of sexual assault in which a person man, woman or child is forced to engage in sexual relations vaginal, anal or oral against his or her will or without having given consent.

Often an attacker will use physical force in committing rape; however, rape also occurs when someone uses threats of violence or emotional force or manipulation to engage an individual in sex. All rape is wrong and illegal. If you have been raped, you are the victim of sexual assault.

More than , Americans ages 12 and older experience rape or sexual assault every year. Sexual assaults affect all ages and genders:. In addition, the law considers people legally incapable of agreeing to sex if they are:. If they do, it is wrong and a crime.

There can be ificant negative effects of rape. Some are obvious, some are less so. Common effects include:. Some assailants use drugs to make a victim less likely to fight back or more likely to black out lose consciousness. A rapist may slip these drugs — called date-rape drugs — into your drink without your knowledge. The hospital will contact the police. You should talk to the police to ensure you have the option to press charges. You can make that decision later. Even if you do not wish to press charges, it is important to go to the emergency room for treatment.

Many rape survivors feel like the rape is their fault. Sometimes the emotional effects of rape occur weeks or months later. Counseling can help one deal with the emotional symptoms guilt, fear, depression, anxiety of having endured a traumatic event. In addition, many survivors of rape find help through support groups. It is important to get counseling for yourself as soon as possible to manage serious emotional complications, even if you choose not to press charges against your attacker.

Cleveland Clinic is a non-profit academic medical center. Advertising on our site helps support our mission. We do not endorse non-Cleveland Clinic products or services. Rape Rape occurs when a person is forced to have sex against their will.

How common is sexual assault and rape? Sexual assaults affect all ages and genders: 1 in 6 women will be the victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime. Approximately 63, children become victims of sexual abuse every year. What role does consent play in rape? In addition, the law considers people legally incapable of agreeing to sex if they are: Mentally or physically disabled. Under a certain age varies by state. A minor who is younger than the perpetrator by a certain of years varies by state. What are the effects of rape?

Common effects include: Anger. Difficulty trusting others. Exposure to sexually transmitted diseases STDs. Feelings of being damaged or worthless. Internal injuries. Post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD. Relationship difficulties. Sexual difficulties. Unwanted pregnancy. What should I do if I have been raped? Go to the nearest emergency department for treatment. Frequently Asked Questions What are date-rape drugs? You can lower your risk of consuming date-rape drugs by: Avoiding drinks served in punchbowls or other open containers.

Refusing to accept drinks from other people, even if you know them well. Opening and pouring your own beverages. What should I expect at the hospital? At the hospital, a healthcare provider will: Check for and treat any physical injuries. Perform a physical exam, which includes examining your genitals and doing a pelvic exam for women. Photograph and document your injuries. Collect samples of blood, saliva, vaginal and anal secretions, clothing fibers, hair from your head and genitals as well as scrapings from underneath your fingernails. Your provider may use a rape kit to store and collect this evidence.

Conduct a blood test to check for diseases like human immunodeficiency virus HIV. Discuss STD treatments and emergency contraception options to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. Take a urine sample to check for date-rape drugs. What can I do to protect myself against rape? Rape can happen to anyone. Go to parties and gatherings with people you trust. Lock doors and windows in your home and car. Move to a crowded area if someone makes you feel uncomfortable. Never leave a place with someone you just met. Stay alert to your surroundings and avoid blocking out sounds, such as with earbuds.

Will I ever feel well again? Where can I get help? Call the National Sexual Assault Hotline 1. Show More.

Adult personals rape

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