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You may have noticed changes to ASCE. We have updated our digital appearance. Visit our welcome for details of what has changed. The world famous Mason-Dixon Line established the highest standards for engineered surveys in its delineation of the boundary lines between Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

The granite milestones marking the Mason-Dixon Line bear crests from the two parties involved in the land-grant dispute, the families of William Penn and Charles Calvert also known as Lord Baltimore. What is now generally referred to as the Mason-Dixon Line was established by the Missouri Compromise of as a demarcation between slave and free territories.

But that important geographic border took its name from a Mason-Dixon Line; one established more than 50 years earlier to formally separate Maryland from Pennsylvania and Delaware. The two Englishmen for whom the line is named accomplished one of the greatest surveying achievements of early America.

They were brought to America to settle a border dispute between the inheritors of the land grants establishing Maryland and Pennsylvania. Taking into the curvature of the earth, the pair carried out extremely precise measurements using astronomical tables and angles based on circular arcs. Their method quickly became the basis for establishing other town and state boundaries, as well as the U. Close Back. ASCE 7. Civil Engineering Source. Civil Engineering Magazine. News Releases. Policy Statements. Contract Documents. View All. Find Job Opportunities. Post a Job. Early Career Engineer. Experienced Engineer.

Late Career. Get Involved. Career Paths. Professional Certifications. Continuing Education. Explore Education. Free PDH Courses. ASCE Week. Upcoming Courses. Find an Upcoming Conference or Event. ASCE Convention. Find a group. Collaborate Community. Younger Members. Key Contact Advocates. Student Members. International Members. Organization Partners. ASCE Sites. Infrastructure Report Card. ASCE Library. Future World Vision. ASCE Foundation. Make a Donation. Facts Mason and Dixon made use of relatively simple tools in carrying out their calculations.

These include an instrument known as a zenith sector, made by an expert clock maker; a navigator's quadrant; a direction transit; an astronomical clock; wooden rods The granite milestones marking the Mason-Dixon Line bear crests from the two parties involved in the land-grant dispute, the families of both William Penn and Charles Calvert, also known as Lord Baltimore. The association of the Mason-Dixon Line with the border between the North and the South in the Civil War has led some to believe that "Dixie," a common nickname for the South, refers to the distinction drawn by the line.

More reliable sources, however, trace the origins of "Dixie," and "Dixieland," to the use of French currency in the early 18th century in New Orleans -- in many ways the capital of the South before the Civil War -- where "dix," the French word for "ten," was printed on ten-dollar bills.

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Free chat rooms Dixon Missouri

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