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In each case, the men responded to online they believe were posted by a girl that was between the ages of 13 and The majority of men were arrested at the North Las Vegas residence. One man did run away from police but turned himself in later. Before Zuniga arrived at the meet, he drove around the block several times while texting the decoy that he was nervous. Once he was at the house, he told the decoy that he had nieces her age and again said he was nervous.

He told police that he looked up the age of consent in Nevada before meeting the decoy. He reportedly admitted that he knew the girl he was talking to was According to the arrest report for Rafael Villarreal, he did not exit his vehicle voluntarily at the home in North Las Vegas. Officers made contact with him in the area of the home and removed him from his vehicle. He admitted that he had sex in the past with women he met online but never a teenager.

Although Espinoza said he did not look at child porn, police found one naked photo in his deleted photos on his phone of a year-old girl. When he confronted with the fact that he never told the decoy this prior to his arrival at the North Las Vegas house, he reportedly began crying and admitted to wanting to meet the decoy for sex. He also told police he had never been with an underage person but did not want to talk about the chat he had with the decoy about sex. After getting away, he texted the decoy and asked her why she set him up. The sex buyer said he had no intention of seeing the girl and wanted to make sure he was not in trouble.

The decoy convinced the buyer to meet her at a park and he was arrested. During his interview, Griffin said that he had recently been watching Chris Hansen "To Catch a Predator" videos where he catches people trying to meet girls. Griffin said he thought the videos were funny and decided to start engaging with girls he found on prostitution websites.

He also said that even though he texted with the decoy about oral sex, he went to North Las Vegas to tell her what she was doing was wrong. He said that when the officer tried to pull him over in North Las Vegas, he panicked because he thought the man might work for Chris Hanson. He was also nervous because he was driving a vehicle owned by the U.

Air Force. He also said he planned to have sex with the decoy, but was not going to pay her. He admitted sending photos of his face and private parts to the decoy prior to the meet. He told police last time he talked to someone online, the person turned out to be a transexual.

Huey reportedly admitted the decoy told him she was 15 and that he knew better and that he was sorry. Local News Crime. Actions Facebook Tweet . Arrest reports released for men nabbed during North Las Vegas sting of possible child sex predators. By: Joyce Lupiani. Copyright Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

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Fuck North Las Vegas women

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Arrest reports released for men nabbed during North Las Vegas sting of possible child sex predators