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Hawaii Family Physicians was started in by Dr. David Arthurs with the vision to provide health services for the West Hawaii Community which encompass the body, mind, and spirit. Now with five providers, when it comes to you or your children's health, only the best will do, which is why families trust Hawaii Family Physicians for medical care.

What others appreciate about Dr. King: "Great communicator, smart doctor who cares about his patients' total wellbeing. King is dual board certified in Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine weight loss medicine. His training and work experience had strong emphases on hospital medicine of the acutely ill, clinic medicine that focused on chronic and complex medical problems, and urgent care in a busy city center.

He enjoys managing acute sick issues as well as chronic diseases with special focus on diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and chronic inflammatory disease. King and his lovely wife Beth have 3 children. He loves cooking, hiking, and teaching. After living in the cold snowy winters for 20 years, John moved from Northern California and relocated to Hawaii with is wife and youngest daughter. John has four adult children still residing in California. When not in the office, he's normally found golfing or working on home projects.

During football season you will find him watching his 49ers. Here's what patients and co-workers say about John Littleton: "Very down to earth, able to connect with many patients, impressive training and background, this guy's got some stories! Arthurs is a Board Certified Family Physician with 30 years of experience: He relocated to Hawaii in after 18 years practicing in Idaho. His practice has included all areas of medicine including hospital care, obstetrics, pediatrics, emergency medicine, long term and nursing facility care.

In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family, hunting, spear fishing, and church activities. He loves being a grandpa to 3 soon 4 keiki! Areas Of Special Interest: Preventative Medicine, Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy, and minor surgical procedures such as lesion and wart removal, sigmoidoscopies, and t injections.

Arthurs especially enjoys babies and children. Encourages: Healthy diet and daily exercise habits for all his patients. Drink water and go for a 30 minute walk daily. Arthurs: "Great doctor, knowledgeable, thoughtful, calm, reassuring demeanor, good teacher, friendly, helpful, easy going, knows his stuff! She moved to Hawaii to be closer to family.

Her practice encompasses care of the entire family, newborns care through nursing home facility care and everything in between including minor procedures, skin biopsy, t injections, sigmoidoscopies, and pap smears. Catanzaro: "Confident and efficient, warm gentle spirit, humble, very bright, smart, friendly, cute, young and hip! New Patients. Patient Portal. Portal FAQ. .

Gl lean Kailua1 guy looking for a

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