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I would make it a habit to hit this one meeting at noon on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays at University and King cause it was about a five minute walk from my work and was important for my lunch routine. This meeting, like a lot of meetings, is in a church. AA is not a religious program but the meetings are almost always held in churches. Your primary purpose is to stay clean —not pick up guys or girls. The usual order of events at a meeting began with announcements, and reading from the book other then the Big Book called the Twelve and Twelve twelve steps and twelve traditions.

This afternoon we were discussing step five and everyone gets a chance to read a paragraph about what this step entails. Yes we admitted to God, to ourselves and to another human being usually our sponsor the exact nature of our wrongs.

This is like confession. When the reading starts, it truly depends on the group — it can be dry, or pleasurably comforting. Is it apparent I lack patience? The first member to share was a middle aged man with glasses and a trench coat over his suit. It seems like even my recovery is an inconvenience to them. He was a middle class father, who had just gone through rehab needing to gain peace of mind by finally taking his fifth step. She said an excellent way to figure out if the thing you may act upon is from a spiritual place is to tell your sponsor as clarity will come when you tell someone you trust.

Then the guy across from me in the white t-shirt leaned in to share. His eyes were something else. They were blue, clear and bright and it became more noticeable the more he spoke. Bright clear shiny eyes are the bonus prize. I guess it was the part where he was telling us he spent the last nine years in jail and was just released March the 28 th and is now twenty-eight. This may be true, I believed, but this was some really talented actor. I actually had to fight my urge to whisper my suspicions of Jimmy being a performer to the girl next to me.

So here I am asking myself, Is he for real? I know that I am trying to deal and change so I really need AA. So yeah, I got a call from my sister who invited me for the family dinner so we could all be together again and meet her new boyfriend, and his father is a judge of all things. My apartment is like a rooming house where I have a microwave at the end of the hall. My sponsor came over with a bag full of microwave dinners and I have to learn to use a microwave now. I have to learn all these things about living on my own now, you know?

I even have a television set and make a point to turn on the news. Money is also a funny thing now, cause before when I was nineteen I had no concept of money. Here take this. Now I have to pay rent, bills, for food and then it goes. This reminded me of my escaping the jail of strip clubs and adjusting to a new relationship with money, responsibility and relationships. Time is frozen when I spent years in dark, dingy bars working every night and sometimes doubles. The afternoon sun shone down, as I was enraptured in intense giddiness and comfort.

Do you know how lucky you are? I felt like shouting to the business drones with briefcases and blank faces making their way down University. Really, do you know how lucky you are? Jimmy was there. He sat in the back. When he spoke he said that he picked up and used on Friday night. Yeah, I had been there before too. The disappointment. The realism of coming back and just feeling like whatever beautiful chain of sober days was not worth anything and how it may have just been a dream.

Approaching him outside I let him know it happened to me all the time. Up close I could see his pale skin and yellow teeth. He lit up a Players and started to talk to the guy beside him. Turning my head and taking a last glance behind me I could see how Jimmy is attractive, but only if I was looking at him from a distance. Close Menu Film. Published Works. Moments In Time. The chapter was done. We could now open the floor to share. Any day you want. Comment Name Website.

Good looking for good looking nooner

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