Hookers in kenosha

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Photo courtesy of the Benedict Center. In the program, which began in March, officers conduct a wellness check and try to connect the women, who are often victims of human trafficking and suffer from substance abuse issues, with community resources. The program runs drop-in centers on the South and North sides of the city. The goal of MPOWER is to work collaboratively with women in the street-based sex trade and divert them from the criminal justice system and into treatment or other resources, including housing.

The first several weeks of the pilot yielded mixed , Salazar said. Women were still hesitant to speak with officers for fear of being arrested. But rapport is being developed, he said, and half the women that police have contacted have expressed interest in recovery from addiction.

But her team has gone out at the same time as officers and conducted similar outreach efforts. Regardless of the positive intention of officers, the women are still apprehension to engage with police, she said. Salazar said he hopes the program will eventually yield more . He also wants residents to know his department is taking a balanced approach to addressing prostitution on the South Side. Facebook Twitter More stories from Edgar. Edgar is a senior staff reporter for the Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service. I would like to see this pilot program grow not just be a pilot but an ungoing program for thse population.

Collective Freedom means allowing people make their own decisions with their lives and protecting them from corruption and criminalization. Thank you for continuing to write articles like this to help raise education and awareness. Somethings should not be… I am grateful for those doing great work to support victims of human trafficking.

I applaud the bravery of those who are supporting this approach, which should not be confused with supporting prostitution itself. I also applaud the bravery of those who are inching toward a trust of institutions that in the past have been enemies. The hope is that victims can be healed and that those who are the worst victimizers can be brought to justice. However, I was drawn to the streets because of lack of family support surrounding some traumatic experiences.

Maybe offer bus passes since riding in a squad car can pose a threat of danger to us tho. Save my name, , and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Terms of use. Wisconsin Ave. Share this I think that if this would happen it would help stop a lot of this behavior. Why are the solicitors not being targeted? Johnston Hall Milwaukee, WI

Hookers in kenosha

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