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When did you first become interested in music? I used to listen to old cassettes and mime to her. And then when I was around fifteen I discovered The Doors. They were really the band that opened everything up to me musically. When did you decide you wanted to make music your career? After school I got involved in the jazz scene and it was then I really learned how to use my voice and do a lot of improvisations. What was the story behind the song? In the music industry, for years now a lot of female artists have [competed with] one another.

We should share the stage. We just have to share the stage. Do you think we have a problem with sexism in the music industry? It certainly exists and we need to work against it. Women have to stop trying to please all the time, and trying to change themselves, to get attention. I also think it is important to not throw dirt at men. We should all work together because we are all human and all humans need to share this space. You have a new album, The Sea , coming out early in What can we expect from it?

The songs came from me wanting to change my world and wanting to find other parts of the world, not by travelling but by travelling inside myself. It came from me sitting and writing for a couple of years and doing my thing in my studio and playing and trying to find sounds.

What was your process when writing this album? Almost the whole album was written in my studio in Gothenburg. Unfortunately they are tearing the building down now, to build fancy apartments. But I had my own space there so I would just sit down with a cup of coffee and start to write some words, then start to play and speak those words through different instruments. So I built the songs from there, and produced the album myself. Well, I have found a new studio. The album will be out in January or February, and then I will be touring.

I am still deciding on the dates though, so watch this space! You can follow Lina on Facebook and Twitter. Janis Joplin - 'Move Over' 2. Patti Smith - 'Dancing Barefoot' 3. PJ Harvey - 'River Anacostia' 4. Cat Power - '3,6,9' 5. Nina Simone - 'Feeling Good' 6. Billie Holiday - 'Strange Fruit' 7. Joni Mitchell - 'Blue' 8. Grace Slick - 'Somebody to Love' 9. Haim - 'Forever' Listen to Lina's list on Spotify here. Nicole Millar 'Boring! . Image: Kristin Lindell.

Horner single women

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