Just looking for someone to relate

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Log in. Home Forums Personality Cafe What's my personality type? Jump to Latest Follow. ed Jan 22, Lately, I've noticed I have no motivation to do anything outside of my room. I've been blowing off friends, and cancelling plans to avoid spending time with other people. I enjoy my own peace and quiet. I enjoy spending time with myself. Is there something wrong with that?

Because I feel like I should be concerned about being anti-social, but at the same time I want to embrace my inner hermit. I guess this post is just a way for me to try and reach out to people who could possibly feel the same way. Nobody likes feeling alone ed Jul 7, There's nothing wrong with enjoying alone time. ed Sep 24, The thing to ask yourself though is why are you spending all this time alone? Personally I think you'd be better off in the long run forcing yourself to go out even if you don't feel like it. ed Jul 14, Are you trying to be typed? Or are you just trying to reach out?

I'd imagine at one point or another, every person has been in that state. I know I've been there to the point where one of my friends came over to kidnap me away from my own world in my head. the discussion. Continue with Facebook. Continue with Google. About this Discussion. Personality Cafe. A forum community dedicated to all ranges of personality types and people.

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Just looking for someone to relate

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