Looking for the missing part

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Technology 1 Views. Genshin Impact 2. They will have to track down these missions as they will have a major impact on the exploration aspect and on the world itself. They can learn about the first part of the Orobashi Legacy mission here and find out how to find the missing parts of the ward. Kaji will provide players with a mission to locate and solve the puzzle behind these missing pieces of the ward. Genshin Impact players can use their elemental sight to locate the area where the pieces are hidden and they will be led to a large orb near the shrine. This sphere is guarded by several samurai and players will have to defeat them to interact with this new type of puzzle.

Sacred Stone Mounds will emit a blast of Electro in the direction they are facing when hit by players. If the blast hits a Thunderbearer Mirror, it will bounce the electrical blast in the direction they are facing. Players will have to maneuver and adjust these tools to destroy the sphere that contains the missing parts of the ward.

To solve the sacred stone puzzle, Genshin Impact players will have to maneuver the sacred stone mound and mirrors to make the Electro Blast hit the orb and destroy it. After that, they just need to hit the Sacred Stone Mound and the orb should dissipate. Once the Genshin Impact players have the pieces, they can return to the ward and return them by interacting with it.

After the pieces are restored to their proper place, the time constant in the area will dissipate and players will be able to continue the Genshin Impact quest by talking to Kaji once more. Source link. How to search for the missing part to repair the ward Technology 1 Views. Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul. Powered by infobeezer.

Looking for the missing part

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Genshin Impact Orobashi's legacy quest guide (Part-1): How to search for the missing part to repair the ward