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Basis for Refusal for Entry to the Clinical Setting. Participation in clinical activities is a mandatory component of Health Science programs. Based on the requirements of the clinical affiliates, students meeting one or more of the following conditions are prohibited from taking part in clinical activities:. Other or Lesser Offenses. Convictions falling outside the scope of the above will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The decision ultimately depends on the student being accepted by a clinical affiliate. Pending Charges. It is strongly suggested that students with pending charges not start a program until their case is resolved.

Students who choose not to follow this advice enter at the risk of losing all resources, financial and otherwise, expended while in the Program. Upon resolution of charges, the student has three 3 business days in which to notify the Program Director or Dean of Health Sciences of the outcome.

A decision will then be made as to whether or not the student is eligible to continue in clinical activities. While in the program, students must disclose all arrests and convictions to the program director or Dean of Health Sciences within three 3 business days of the occurrence. Failure to disclose this information can lead to dismissal from the program. Readmitted Students. Students in the process of readmission to a program are required to undergo a new background check to verify eligibility.

Please meet with the directors of specific programs for further information. Appeals Process. These guidelines do not apply to the Therapeutic Massage program. Only the Sex Offender Registry is included in that background check. Listing on this Registry excludes student participation in clinical activities. Gden State Community College has partnered with Verified Credentials to manage your background check. Please read carefully! Once a background check has been initiated there is no refund.

Students enrolling in a program within the Health Sciences Division must provide Gden State with the required healthcare data after admission to the program. Clinical agencies mandate that students provide information regarding their current health status — which includes an annual physical, immunizations record and essential functions review — that may affect the safety of the student or the client in clinical settings. Students who do not have documentation of immunizations must have blood drawn to see if they are immune. Clinical documents, such as the burberculin skin test, CPR certification and flu shots, must not expire during the semester.

Students in the Health Sciences must also demonstrate proof of health insurance. Students without proof of insurance will not be allowed to attend clinicals. A health screening is required upon admission to a Health Science program. A form will be provided to those accepted.

Each student has a personal obligation to practice health-conscious behaviors intended to foster clear and rational decision-making as well as the ability to function in a safe and therapeutic manner throughout the various programs of student within the Health Sciences Division. Chemical dependence is recognized as a disease at Gden State, and it is believed that public safety requires regulation of behavior in addition to treatment for the disease.

The Health Sciences Division supports a policy that requires individuals providing patient care in a clinical setting or preparing educationally to become a care provider adheres to high personal health standards. This includes avoiding mind- and behavior-altering substances. It must be completed prior to participating in clinical courses. The substance abuse policy and more details about the drug screening will be reviewed with accepted students at orientation.

Health Sciences Program Guidelines. Based on the requirements of the clinical affiliates, students meeting one or more of the following conditions are prohibited from taking part in clinical activities: Listed on the Sex Offender Registry Multiple felonies, even if over 7 years old Listed on an Abuse Registry Sexually-related offenses A felony conviction less than 7 years old A positive drug screen Any felony involving elder or child abuse. Codes for the different programs are listed above by location.

Enter all required information. Provide supporting documentation. Track your progress. Information will be automatically shared with your school. Please contact them at

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