Need a friend somebody please

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Howdy Wonder Friends! Given today's Wonder of the Day, we're particularly glad to call you all friends. If you come back to Wonderopolis every day, that would make you a really good friend! How many friends do you have? There's no need to coun t! But just give it some thought. You probably have more friends than you realize. You have friends at school. You have friends in your neighborhood.

You probably would call your family members your friends. You may even have friends at church and on sports teams , too! How many of your friends would you consider good friends? Parents and teachers have probably stressed to you the importance of making good friends as you grow up. Surrounding yourself with good friends makes life more complete and enjoyable. But what exactly makes a good friend? The definition of a good friend varies from person to person, but there are certain traits, characteristics, and qualities that most people would agree make someone a good friend.

When you ask people what makes a good friend , you'll often get answers that boil down to one quality: presence. A good friend is there for you when you need them. Whether it's helping you through the grief of losing a loved one or being by your side when you're sick, good friends are present in good times and bad.

You don't have to be experiencing a trial to need a good friend. Sometimes being present for a friend simply means listening when they need to talk, helping out with homework, or even assisting in the search for a missing cell phone. One of the keys to being present for a friend is action.

Another important quality of a good friend is loyalty. We all experience times when we're not the most popular person to be around. Perhaps we've done something wrong or we're in a bad mood. Good friends are loyal and accept you for who you are during the good and bad times. Good friends are also honest — honest enough to tell you when you're not being a good friend yourself. Some people only want to surround themselves with people who will tell them what they want to hear. Good friends will tell you what you need to hear, even if you don't want to hear it.

Along with good friends who are present, loyal, and honest, most people want friends who are trustworthy. If you can't count on a person, it's hard to consider them a good friend. Mutual trust between friends is a building block of a solid friendship that could last a lifetime. Another one of those solid building blocks of lasting friendships is communication. Do you have a friend who finishes your sentences when you speak?

Perhaps the two of you are on the same wavelength to such an extent that you seem to know what the other is thinking without needing to say anything. That kind of close bond is hard to come by and is a clear mark of a good friend.

There are many more qualities of good friends that we could discuss. Some qualities are more important to some people than they are to others. Each person must set his or her own criteria for what it means to be a good friend. And that means you, too, must possess those qualities in your interactions with your friends. Be who you are, and seek out friends who allow you to be who you are and not someone else.

Encourage one another and respect each other's boundaries. Always seek the good in others and be respectful in your interactions. You never know when the good friend you make today might be a friend for life! We hope you enjoyed learning about what it means to be a good friend today.

Take your learning to a new level by exploring one or more of the following activities with a friend or family member:. We're sorry to hear that, Zahra! You'll have a lot of friends come and go during your lifetime. You just have to remember to keep your head up and remember every good thing you learned from your friends. We hope this helped! I'm sure leti would love to be your friend, tucker! Maybe you could play her favorite game with her, or help her with something at school. Let us know how it goes! We're sorry to hear that! Friends will come and go a lot throughout your life, it's just a part of life.

We're sorry to hear that, Amari. It always feels My friends are great I could not ask for any body to replace them! My friend resembles a majestic hippo!! We're sorry to hear that, Bernadette. Sometimes, people aren't good friends, but it isn't their fault--they don't know how to be a good friend. Do you think that is what's happening? Hey, Red! Here's one about respect you might find cool! Hi, Aan Arfian! You are welcome to make the article into a video, but remember to cite your source!

Have a great day! Hi, Joslynn! We're sorry to hear that. We are always thrilled to have you as a Wonder Friend! I think you should consider if they are a good friend for you. Maybe you could hang out with your other friends and play with the other person to. I feel very overwhelmed! My friends talk behind my back,gossip,make mean faces,It's hard because I don't have any other friends:. You will always have a friend but decide not to be there friend if they treat you bad like gossiping about you and talking beside your back.

Remember Jesus is always going to be your friend forever and ever. We're so sorry to hear that you are going through such a tough time, Penny! We always love to hear from you! We're sorry to hear that, Rod. Hopefully this Wonder provided some helpful ideas! There are other Wonders about friendship, too! Thank you for such an enthusiastic message, lala! It's really nice to have a friend or two!

Thank you for sharing! Yes plus you will always have a friend God and Jesus they will always love you no mater what you do. Hi, Ellie! It's always nice hearing from friends! Thanks for sharing your thoughts about friendship! Hi, Marie! Thanks for sharing your story. We're sorry to hear about this. We think it always helps to talk to your family and friends for advice!

We hate to hear this, Maria! We had to remove part of your post for privacy reasons. I had a lot of good friends than i had to leave them until now i stayed at this school for 4 years. And this is where I learned about wonderopolis! I am so happy I stayed!

Need a friend somebody please

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