Need some cool friends

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Free thinkers go by their own choices. Not those others choose for them. They also encourage you to make your own choices and proudly pursue them. Even if these choices are new and different. If you can, learn about sex. Read a bunch of books or just grab a cosmopolitan magazine and learn about a few positions. Go online and learn about tantra and tantric massage. And if people talk about sex, accept that from them. And THAT opens your mind to other cultures and habits.

And THAT makes you into an open-minded cool person that anyone would love to hang out with. It will stimulate you and refresh your ideas. Try a new dish, try a new music genre, try a new sport or dance. Do it. The effect is almost instantaneous. Never do that. Does being cool necessarily mean superficial, crazy, or unfocused? Why does everyone want to be friends with cool people? What do they gain by that? How do I figure that out?

If you have trouble answering one of these questions, then read on. But the best way to know is to know more about what cool people do and get inspired!

Need some cool friends

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