Sex woman Loveland

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A Fort Collins woman is in jail after authorities said she lied about being sexually assaulted by a police impersonator earlier this month. Heather Speicher, 27, of Fort Collins said a man who pretended to be a police officer pulled her over and sexually assaulted her outside of Loveland late on the night of Jan.

Some came in response to media reports on the story and subsequent publication of a composite sketch of the fictitious suspect. Authorities arrested Speicher Wednesday on suspicion of attempting to influence a public official, a felony offense. Though this report is allegedly false, authorities remind motorists to be cautious when stopped by an unmarked or uneasily identifiable vehicle.

If aled to pull over, people should put their flashers on and drive to a well-lit or populated area and call to verify the identity and location of police officers. Madeline Novey can be reached at , ext. Southeast Denver is home to a wonderful mix of classic neighborhoods, restaurants, and shopping options. If you are looking for When frailty, chronic illness, or forgetfulness makes living alone a challenge, Cozy Country Care provides an alternative to assisted living Summertime is time for a picnic!

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Sex woman Loveland

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Woman accused of sexually exploiting Loveland boy