Suck it in the am

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Their destination was psychedelic desert rock and it both deviated from the Arctic Monkeys that everyone knew while forging the identity that would help them break America with AM But there was something peculiar in between. A rogue guitar riff beckons you in, immediately grounding you in the setting that had become so important to the band. While the latter immediately brings the listener into the riotous atmosphere of nights out that is upheld by the rest of the record, the former is a seductive invitation to the chilled but exciting vibe of the west coast and bonfire parties.

They both end their stories exactly how an observational album should end: calmly watching the sunset without the gravity of great change or philosophy but a newfound understanding of your own life. Suck It And See achieves greater variety.

However, the diversity of this album means that certain tracks are perfect for listening to in isolation. Although it is often taken for granted or dismissed as being too bland or unlike the band, Suck It And See is a vital part of their catalogue. While this record is a stark contrast to Humbug and begins to reach for familiarity in less apparent ways, its vintage pop sound and summer mood are a direct response to the new land to which Homme introduced them. In many ways, this is the record that completes Arctic Monkeys. At times cheeky and playful, it harkens back to the band that burst onto the scene in the mids.

At others painfully introspective, Turner begins to realise the landscape of his life is changing and things are at last slowing down. By Harrison Marsh. Posted in Music , Review In Retrospect.

Suck it in the am

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