Up late wanna meet up

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Those misspelled texts point to him being drunk. The guy is horny. If his texts are really hectic, they make you feel uncomfortable but also used. Think of it as booty call foreplay, a way for him to get what he wants. What a loser. His junk pics have a social life. Ah, the dreaded penis pic. The late-at-night texter is likely to send you penis pics often unrequested in the hope that this will turn you on.

Insert eye roll. Why would a guy do that? Throw the jerk back out into the dating pool. Sometimes late-at-night texters will come in and out of your life. He suggests spontaneous plans to lure you in. But seriously, why would he be asking you out so late? Forget him. Um, sure. He might text to say that he was just thinking about you. Nah uh. If you regularly get texts and sexts really late, like around one or two in the morning, a habit is forming.

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Up late wanna meet up

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