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Where it is unwilling, it will find a thousand excuses. All of a sudden, I found myself anxious, pressured, and ruled by my to-do list which contains way too many things to accomplish. In a moment of unconsciousness, a thought seems to be meaningful and important. It feeds a story about things to do and not enough time to do them. It shows up as tension in the body. And a veil of stress descends as pleasure and enjoyment in the doing melt away. Sure, I can apply some techniques to reduce stress. I can take deep breaths, exercise, and get massages, all of which I do.

But these are temporary fixes. I want to get to the source of the problem so I can be free of it. I want true, abiding peace. What I know to be absolutely true is that my essential nature is not capable of stress. There has to be a way to return to peace. And there is. Every single thing that occurs is either about fear or love. They just occur. What makes them stressful is the thoughts you have about them. They create a story of urgency. Your whole reality centers around doing what they require of you in hopes that they will just stop.

If only you push yourself to do the impossible, then maybe you will feel a smidgeon of peace. And where are wisdom, intelligence, and clarity? Hidden behind the fog of thought. In order to access them, you need to look outside of your thoughts. Take away the urgency, and see everything with fresh eyes. Stress is replaced by wise choosing and efficient action. Tightness in the chest and shoulders, a stomach in knots—these are hallmarks of a body in stress.

Let these go unchecked, and the body may start trying to get your attention with all sorts of physical problems. You are unlikely to see through to the truth of what stress actually is without attention to the physical sensations. You can shift your attention away from stressful thoughts, but until you acknowledge the physical sensations, you are primed for more stress. Because unseen physical sensations are the seed for a slew of troublesome habits. I know these sensations can be very uncomfortable.

But running from them leaves the pattern of stress locked into place. So they are asking you to turn your loving attention toward them. You are so beautifully embracing your experience. You are simply being with what is, effortlessly present.

And remember this: the goal is not to make the sensations go away. You are not making anything happen; you are simply ignoring the mental noise and being with what is. Stressful thoughts and physical sensations come together to create the experience of stress.

And both are a doorway to knowing your true nature as free of stress and fundamentally at peace. Recognize the distorted stressful thoughts and live only in what is true. Welcome physical sensations with full awareness, and they are less likely to trigger stressful thinking. Be honest about what habits originate from stress. Intelligent exploration of thoughts and sensations creates the space for them to unwind.

Then question the one who experiences stress. Let the sense of you as separate from the world fall away, and see yourself as the all. The undivided universe is powered by love. Please go to the Events for information. It sits in front of me as I write and as I read through it, and feel how realistic it is, the stress melts away. As always you lift me up. I appreciate you. Nothing is needed in return, Michael. I heard a quote once, not sure who said it: There is no giving or receiving, only the universe moving itself around.

You are welcome to drink as deeply as you like to be completely filled up and overflowing. I find these very helpful. What I can change is my reactions and bring awareness my thoughts and feelings and they are simply experiences. And you know what? I looked at the white, fine snow around.. Suddenly, shoveling no longer matters…. Good day, Gail! I find that my spirit is calling me to live in this kind of solitude. People are supposed to be sociable creatures, but I find that I am authentic and present only if I can recharge in solitude for a long time. There are no rules about how you are supposed to be — none at all.

Not all people are supposed to be sociable creatures. I trust how your spirit calls you. If you doubt it, check in to see if you are avoiding anything, if fear is motivating you in some way. If not, trust the way that presence is guiding you.

True freedom is not dependent on any circumstances. It is knowing and living as impersonal consciousness no matter what happens. You may have preferences to not be social, but if you are around people, this peace is not disturbed. Again, you may want to check more deeply into this urge to be alone. What is behind it, if anything? Are you managing and strategizing or simply following what is true for you? Use this as an opportunity for clarity. Then, simply let go of all of it and enjoy yourself, however that looks. Recently I was experiencing anxiety with a nervous, unsettled sensation in my upper chest and throat for a long period.

The truth is, I have a preference that at some point the hyperactivity sensation in my upper chest will go away. We take our thoughts and feelings, and other things about ourselves such as gender, age, nationality, personality characteristics, and these congeal into a belief that this is who we are. This limited sense of self does have preferences and will never be completely satisfied.

But there is a whole other aspect to your being. They come from something greater — expansive being, stillness, pure life before anything forms in it. This is being. Settle in here and let whatever arises be. The sensations of anxiety are simply there in this peaceful aware presence.

Then you may even notice that a preference also arises, e. The idea here is to find a way within yourself to not resist anything. When you resist these sensations by not wanting them, they will persist. Welcome everything in like it will be there forever. As you stop resisting your own experience, it completely loses its power. This is absolutely possible. Think of the sensations like a wave and you are the ocean. Does the ocean have a problem with a wave?

Let them return into the ocean of you. I want to add a clarification, Marie. Rather, you find the place in you that is already welcoming of everything as it is and rest there. Thank you very much.

Want to unwind with me

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