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Show All Answers. CenterPoint Energy says that their focus is on delivering safe and reliable electric service. To do this, they maintain and enhance existing infrastructure as well as build new infrastructure and facilities to accommodate a growing service territory. The project aims to improve reliability and prepare the electric system to meet load growth.

CenterPoint has confirmed that work related to pulling wire and transmission work around neighborhoods is complete as of mid-January, Some work still remains in the First Colony Mall area which is expected to be completed in January CenterPoint is working with TxDOT on approvals for some lane closures so that crews can install a conductor that will be crossing US Construction crews are working on cleanup and restoration along the corridor near residential areas through the month of January.

If you would like to know more about timing and scheduling of CenterPoint construction in your area, contact CenterPoint Energy Transmission Projects at CenterPoint contacts businesses directly and provides notifications by door hangers as well as registered letters to homeowners. The company does not expect any major outages related to this work. However, when the company switches the circuits from the original cables to the new cables, there will be some minor planned outages; customers will be notified in advance.

Notifications have been sent to residents who will be affected by construction crews who will need access to build the line. Additionally, any damages to City-owned property i. All volunteers must be 14 years of age or older. More information is available on the volunteer up website.

We ask for a specific of volunteers to ensure a positive experience for all. In , Texas began leasing out its convicts to labor for private companies, and former plantations across the state were transformed into prison farms. The vast majority of the men and women who toiled on them were African-Americans, either the children of slaves or former slaves themselves, who came from states like Arkansas and Louisiana as well as from across Texas.

The graves in the Old Imperial Farm Cemetery are those of the African-Americans who worked in the convict leasing program and the guards. The cemetery has at least 31 graves, with the earliest dated from Three graves are post-dated the s. It was one of the first penal institutions owned by the State of Texas and opened in on the Imperial Sugar plantation. In the facility was renamed the Central State Prison Farm.

Any DNA testing would need to be conducted prior to reinternment. The City does not support, nor do we feel it would be appropriate, to exhume the individuals for DNA testing after reinterment. While the convict leasing program was reprehensible, The City of Sugar Land was not incorporated until December , long after the program ended. Convict labor leasing had been over for several decades when the City of Sugar Land was incorporated and was gradually phased out of the area during the s, when Isaac Kempner and William Eldridge established Sugar Land as a company-owned town.

Contractors working for FBISD discovered the individuals during construction of a new school on the site. The individuals are of African-American males ranging in age from 14 to over The convict leasing system started in and operated until the early s. It is our understanding the FBISD plans to initiate educational initiatives regarding the historic discovery. The City will work with all entities to participate, as appropriate, in efforts to honor those interred in the Old Imperial Farm Cemetery.

The resolution authorized the purchase of The City of Sugar Land negotiated with Newland Real Estate Group, developer of the Telfair residential community in Fort Bend County, to accept responsibility for the ownership of the cemetery, ensuring this historical property does not disappear through neglect like many others throughout the country.

The City has protected and maintained the prison cemetery property since taking ownership. The city zoned the cemetery and surrounding property as parkland, a deation that protects and preserves the property. The city went further and purchased all of the land around the cemetery. We planned enhancements that were intended to make the cemetery more accessible and highlight its historical importance.

The city routinely provides cemetery access to the Texas Slave Descendants Society to host events there. An archeological survey of the property was ly completed by Newland Communities as required by federal law. Any new development that could have an impact on a historic site such as this must be vetted through the Fort Bend Historical Commission.

The Texas Historical Commission performed ground-penetration studies of the property in May The city will comply with all required laws prior to any future parkland development surrounding the cemetery. Even though the regional park was defeated in the bond election by residents of Sugar Land, that property is still deated for future parkland in our Parks, Recreation Master Plan. The city is committed to honoring the history of the Old Imperial Farm Cemetery and the surrounding prison operation:.

The Sugar Land Heritage Foundation has been collecting local historical documents for a museum opened in at the Imperial Refinery site. This museum will eventually include a diversity of exhibits documenting the experiences and contributions of African-Americans and all others. Community groups are encouraged to support the development of the museum. The stated mission of the Convict Leasing and Labor Project is to document the abuses of forced labor in the United States past and present. That includes slavery, convict leasing, and current forced labor arrangements in US prisons.

The stated vision of the CLLP is to provide a public forum on the impact of slavery, convict leasing, and current forced labor arrangements inside US prisons. According to their literature the group envisions:. Foremost among their concerns is a request that DNA testing be conducted before the individuals are reinterred.

Other concerns involve:. After extensive discussion and consideration, the task force formally recommended two options. The task force believes this option is the most respectful to the remains because a burial site is considered sacred ground. As the property owner where the human remains were found, Fort Bend ISD has the responsibility of evaluating suitable burial locations to re-inter the bodies to present to the court for final approval. Learn more about the Cultural Arts Program. What does the Cultural Arts program do? The Cultural Arts program was developed to enhance the cultural arts within Sugar Land.

The program also partners with area organizations and nonprofits to develop programming for the Sugar Land community. How can I get a speaker on the arts in Sugar Land for my group or event? Send details about the event including: name of organization, nature of the event, date, location, what topic you want covered, of expected attendees, and any other pertinent information. Submit the request to: culturalarts sugarlandtx. I want to display my artwork as part of the Art in Public Spaces program.

How do I do that? At least two weeks prior to the exhibition, you must provide wall labels; a summary of the exhibition; and a summary of the organization represented in the exhibition. This is a popular program, so wait lists are typical. With the completion of a minor league baseball stadium completed , an indoor live entertainment venue completed , a festival site completed , the next step is to begin the selection of a private-sector development partner for the Hotel and Convention Conference Center project.

The de of the project will be determined in partnership with the selected partner. Similar to Constellation Field and Smart Financial Centre at Sugar Land, any City financial support of this project will be limited to capital investment from project-generated revenues and funds restricted by state law for tourism and economic development purposes — further offsetting the demand on property taxes for residents through the resulting economic growth.

No general property tax dollars will go to support the development or operation of the project. Additionally, and unique to this project, the City was also successful in in qualifying for a state rebate program that will allow for project-generated state hotel and sales taxes to be rebated for a period of time in support of the project.

While the City is excited to take the next step in fulfilling the citizen-led Visioning Task Force, we remain committed to continuing to do absolutely everything we can to support the private sector development team in the preservation and revitalization of the Imperial refinery site. Additionally, with a diverse set of funding mechanisms restricted for economic development, we are also able to simultaneously continue pursuing the redevelopment of the Central Prison into a world-class light industrial business park.

Additionally, the project must be commercially feasible, as the City will not provide any ongoing operational support. Deed as an upper upscale or luxury destination amenity venue with a nationally recognized brand, the Hotel and Convention Conference Center is intended to attract large conferences that generate overnight guests who shop and dine in Sugar Land.

This LID has provided all of the required detention for existing and future development within its boundaries. The project location actually does not drain into Ditch H. Additionally, there are specific site drainage requirements and standards for development within the City of Sugar Land. All development commercial, single-family residential, office, etc.

From Sugar Land Town Square to the Houston Museum of Natural Science at Sugar Land to Constellation Field to the Smart Financial Centre, the City has worked with reputable developers to de and provide amenities that not only attract new businesses and a generate new dollars in the community, but that also benefit the residents of Sugar Land. These partnerships have proven to be extremely successful, attracting approximately 1,, combined attendees per year and generating ificant economic benefit to the community. Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses, some causing illness in people and others that circulate among animals, including camels, cats and bats.

However, genetic analyses suggest this virus emerged from a virus related to SARS. There are ongoing investigations to learn more. This is a rapidly evolving situation and information will be updated as it becomes available. Learn about Novel Coronavirus. See information from Texas Health and Human Services. Review this online resource for vaccination options. The city does not receive vaccine shipments directly. For accurate and reliable information, please be sure to visit the following resources.

Women red Sugar Land

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