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In , the population in Mexicali was 1,, inhabitants Compared to , the population in Mexicali increased by In , The vulnerable population due to social deprivation reached In , 3. With the selector at the top it is possible to change the visualization to the evolution of deaths by COVID daily or accumulated. There is also the option of viewing the data with a 7-day rolling mean or a rate per , inhabitants. The visualization shows the distribution of deaths according to comorbidity in Mexicali.

All the deceased reported to date are considered. The buttons at the top allow you to see this distribution for the total of confirmed cases and hospitalized cases to date in Mexicali. The visualization shows the distribution of confirmed cases according to age range and sex in Mexicali to the date. The selector at the top allows you to see this distribution for deceased and hospitalized patients.

Additionally, when selecting type of patient it is possible to visualize the distribution by age range of hospitalized and outpatient patients. The general objective of the financial support program for family micro-businesses is to contribute to the permanence of micro-businesses, companies, people who work on their own, people who provide services, domestic workers and independent workers, in the face of the economic crisis derived from the health emergency caused by the SARS-CoV2 virus, both to safeguard their economic activity and to maintain the jobs they generate.

There are 5 types of support. The first corresponds to the IMSS-Employers, credits granted with the objective of meeting the financing need of companies with employer registration in the IMSS that, as of April 15, , kept the average of their workforce from the first quarter of In second place is the IMSS-Homeworkers , credits granted in order to meet the need for financing of domestic workers and independent workers, valid in their rights as of April 30, Then, there are the credits of the Bienestar modality, credits granted in order to meet the need for financing of micro-businesses, both in the formal and informal sectors, as well as people who work on their own and people who provide services.

In recent months, the Empresas Cumplidas credit was created for individuals or legal entities that have fulfilled their tax obligations during and have maintained at least the average of their workforce in the IMSS during the months of August to October Finally, the Mujeres Solidarias credit for individuals who are women, over 18 years of age and who are incorporated into one of the active RIF or RAE tax regimes.

In addition, they must not be registered in the UDP bureau, nor have they received financial support from the program in fiscal year Due to the economic crisis caused by COVID, the financial support program for family micro-businesses has been created, which has 3 types of credits. The values under each figure indicate the total credits collected in each modality in Mexicali, until June 30, The visualization shows the distribution of credits collected as of June 30, , in Baja California according to municipalities.

With the upper button it is possible to review this distribution for the 5 types of available credits. In the Wellness modality, the municipalities that have collected the most credits are Tijuana 18, and Mexicali 12, Regarding the Empresas Cumplidas modality, the municipalities of Mexicali and Tijuana stand out, while in the Mujeres Solidarias modality, Ensenada 87 and Mexicali 85 stand out. Economically Active Population : Unemployment Rate : 2.

The population employed in Baja California in the first quarter of was 1. In first quarter of , Baja California had 1,, employed, 0. The occupations with the most workers during the first quarter of were Traders in Stores 85k , Sales Employees, Dispatchers and Dependent on Trade The data presented is intended to offer information to monitor the situation of occupation and employment in the contingency period of COVID in Baja California. Along these lines, in June the labor participation rate reached a ENOE is included for reference purposes only. Along these lines, in June the unemployment rate was 4.

Along these lines, in June the rate of labor informality reached Mexicali : , , Female Population. Mexicali : , , Male Population. The total population of Mexicali in was 1,, inhabitants, with The age ranges that concentrated the largest population were 20 to 24 years 91, inhabitants , 15 to 19 years 87, inhabitants , and 25 to 29 years 86, inhabitants. Among them they concentrated The visualization shows the 10 main indigenous languages spoken by the population of Mexicali.

The population of 3 years and over that speaks at least one indigenous language was 5. The geomap shows the countries of origin of migrants to Mexicali in recent years. The bar chart shows the main causes of migration. The largest of migrants who entered Mexicali in the last 5 years came from United States 5. The main causes of migration to Mexicali in recent years were family 2. The visualization shows the total average quarterly current income per household in deciles of households in Baja California comparing and According to data from the Population Census , k dwellings were registered.

Of these, Regarding the age ranges of the person of reference, The Gini coefficient or Gini index is a statistical measure deed to represent the income distribution of the inhabitants, specifically, the inequality between them. Indices closer to 0, represent more equity among its inhabitants, while values close to 1, express maximum inequity among its population.

On the other hand, the municipalities with less social equality by this metric were: Ensenada 0. The visualization compares various indicators of poverty and social deprivation in and The vulnerable population due to social deprivation reached a The main social deficiencies of Mexicali in were deprivation social security, deprivation health services and deprivation food access. Population without Access to Water : 0. Population without Electricity : 0. Population without Bathroom : 0.

Population without Sewerage : 3. The visualization shows the percentage evolution of the population without access to basic services between and In , most inhabited private homes had 3 and 4 rooms, In the same period, the inhabited private homes with 2 and 1 bedrooms, With the upper selector you can switch between 5 that include different elements: access to technologies, entertaiment, availability of goods, availability of transport and equipment. The visualization shows the population distribution according to travel times to work in compared to travel times at the national level.

In Mexicali, the average travel time from home to work was On the other hand, the average travel time from home to place of study was The visualization shows the distribution of the means of transport to work or place to study used by the population of Mexicali according to travel times. Regarding the means of transport to go to the place of study, The chart shows the percentage distribution of the population aged 15 years and over in Mexicali according to the approved academic degree.

In , the main academic degrees of the population of Mexicali were Middle School k people or It is possible to see the distribution of academic degrees by sex by changing the option selected in the upper button. Mexicali : 1.

The illiteracy rate for Mexicali in was 1. Of the total illiterate population, Top Women Area Bachelor's Degrees - : 5. Top Men Area Bachelor's Degrees - : 7. The areas with the highest of men enrolled in bachelor's degrees were Engineering, manufacturing and construction 7, , Business Administration 3, , and social sciences and law 3, Similarly, the study areas that concentrated the most women enrolled in bachelor's degrees were social sciences and law 5, , Business Administration 4, , and Health Sciences 3, It is possible to review this distribution in other years and different areas of study by changing the options selected in the upper buttons.

The same year, the most demanded careers in Mexicali were Law degree 4. In Baja California had In the same year, Baja California had students who completed the initial literacy course, intermediate literate students and 2. In , the main disabilities present in the population of Mexicali were physical disability The chart shows the population pyramid of disability population in Mexicali.

With the upper selector it is possible to review the population pyramid for different types of disability. By default, the chart shows the distribution of the visual disability population. According to gender and age range, women among 60 to 64 years concentrated the 5. The matrix chart shows the distribution of the population with disabilities according to the type of disability and its causes or origins. In order to understand Public Safety in Mexico, this section analyzes two main concepts corresponding to theoretical approaches from which the level of Public Safety is understood: a Perception and b Complaint.

The perception of security seeks to measure the perception of public security that the population and households have about the place where they reside and its relationship with crime. On the other hand, the perception of trust in authorities or institutional performance seeks to know how the population perceives authorities and the actions they carry out, regardless of whether or not they have been victims of crime.

The term of complaint is used in the act by which a subject, victim or witness of a crime, reports or establishes the facts in front of the pertinent authorities, reporting an irregularity, criminal act or crime in order to be investigated. At the sociodemographic level, both men and women belonging to the upper sociodemographic level perceived greater security, In , 9.

Similarly, a When comparing by gender and the much trust option, women from Baja California claimed to feel less confidence in the State Police against men; less trust in the Federal Police, less trust in Judges and less trust in the Public Ministry and the State Prosecutors. The complaints with the highest occurrence during April were Stole , Domestic Violence , and Damage to Property , which covered a According to data from the Economic Census , the economic sectors that concentrated the most economic units in Mexicali were Retail Trade 10, unidades , Other Services except Government Activities 6, unidades , and Temporary Accommodation and Food Preparation and Drinks 3, unidades.

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Women sex mexicali

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